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Everyday people living everyday lives in an Extraordinary Location... North Captiva.

Living on Island Time
North Captiva Island plays host to family vacations, reunions, secluded and relaxed residences, and as one family mentioned...
"Our vacation to North Captiva has become a defining moment in our family."
A close knit community with stewardship, balanced environmental enjoyment & preservation, and love of the Sea.

Island Legends and History of North Captiva...
Once upon an island, North Captiva and Captiva were one continuous stretch of stunning beaches. In a 1921 hurricane, Redfish Pass was created and the two were separated...
a new island was born.
Tales from long ago tell of the Pirate Gaspar and his treasure sunken off the coasts of the Charlotte Harbour Chain of barrier islands.
Gasparilla and Little Gasparilla islands to our north carry on the pirate's name.
Legend has it that women of great beauty or nobility, captured by the Pirate Gaspar were held captive on the island which became known as Captiva.

On island time...
Many full-time island residents believe that OFF-Season IS THE BEST time of year to be on North Captiva. (We personnally think it is too!)
Crystal turquoise-blue gulf waters sparkle and invite you in for a swim. The beach, in Fall, is now yours and yours alone. Time to collect your share of conch shells and sand dollars for that craft project that is still beckoning.
When the rainy season upon us, the island is as lush and tropical as ever. It's piña colada time on North Captiva. All of the coconut palms are bearing fruit, ripe for the chorus of blenders to harmonize with the warm gulf breeze.
On island time as the years have passed...
We've lived full time on the island for over 13 years and love it perhaps even more now then when we first arrived.
Delighting in seeing a community of vacation and residence owners grow and change over a decade has led us to discover the evolving island at hand, with one constant foce amongst its constituents always in place... a true love of North Captiva.

North Captiva Time helps you keep in touch with the Long Term Picture.

We recently spoke with several wise friends who expressed opinions about owning a home on North Captiva. The consensus was that holding their properties here for fifty years was just "a drop in the bucket." They feel that their homes are treasured family heirlooms to be passed on for many future generations. Perhaps they are on to something. The time spent on this beautiful island paradise with family and loved ones, away from all the stresses of daily life, creates long-lasting memories and bonds that are nothing short of… priceless.

It Feels Like Fall!
Snap! Like a switch, the air on North Captiva can crispen. Blades of magenta grasses coat the open island fields of the Dunes. Flocks of swallows are just beginning to arrive as their flight plans take them past us, headed out on another journey. Just what is ahead of you, you are never quite certain. Circles drawn in the sand are all that remain from the last wave of visitors as the deep cool shadows cast by a setting sun change the island into a sea of emeralds.

North Captiva Deamin', salty summer sands, tan on your hands, and sweet wild jasmine blooming its perfume everywhere. With the short winter days go the short winter months and soon the chill that arrived in North Captiva was just a pleasant memory. Riding around the island in the early morning light, nightly fog lifts in curls of steam from the roads and between pockets of dense foliage. Stopping for a moment... You can see your breath. In just one moment the chill is gone and sun glistens on dewy palm fronds. Time to trade our coffee mugs in for margarita glasses and toast the coming Spring!



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