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North Captiva Grocery Options:

You really should plan what you will bring for groceries to the island and pick most items up on the Mainland before you make your way to the Boats.

Faxing an order into Publix at the beginning or part way during your island vacation is a very usual thing.

Publix Super Market at Santa Barbara Centre
Cape Coral, FL

Publix Pick up order Address:
2420 Santa Barbara Blvd Cape Coral, FL 33914

STORE (239) 458-8900

They require a minimum of 5 days notice and will provide shopping service for your order with a 10% fee.

Please fax your order to (239) 458-0873

or send an EMAIL:
Please call them to verify they received your order.
Provide them with an emergency number to contact you at (cell phone). A date and time to have the groceries ready for you is required. You have one more option to choose: "Boat Pack" or "Cold Pack" Boat Packing is provided with paper bags placed inside plastic bags to make it durable to carry on and off the boats. Cold Packing costs a bit more for Styrofoam coolers and ice, but your groceries will be "on-ice" for the trip. Styrofoam coolers do not get recycled when you bring them to the island, so they are not a very environmentally sound option, creating a big carbon footprint aka lots of trash left behind after your trips. For a good compromise, Publix offers "Cool- Bags" for your refrigerated items.

Winn Dixie – Turn Left at the intersection of Pine Island Road and Stringfellow Road. Winn-Dixie will also "boat pack" your faxed orders. This is a good spot for really tight schedules and very warm days since you are closest to the marinas from here. Winn Dixie packs faxed orders for 10% fee as well.


Last Minute Needs and Pharmacy

Pine Island Pharmacy- can fill your prescriptions should one be lost or for emergency needs. CVS on Pine Island also fills prescriptions. Any local pharmacy will need the doctor to call in the prescription or you must deliver a written one personally (not a fax) to be filled. Plan ahead and take a full prescription with you before you depart for convenience.

Winn Dixie Runs...

Need a few items? Need to get out on the great blue waters too? Yup!
Take the Just for Fun Ferry run to Winn Dixie, offered once per week from the North Captiva Island Club. Great for a trip across the sea and to stock back up if you stay on-island for a while.

Even better is to get your groceries delivered right to the house. See more info about this service below.

SHIPT - The Best Idea Yet...

Need a Smaller Order Weekly or Daily?
Are here for an Extended Stay?
Get your groceries SHIPT! offers membership their shopping service for around $100 annually plus 15% of your order. Their shoppers are EXCELLENT. Finding you the freshest picks at the market, grabbing specials if they see them, and dropping the grocery bags off at Island Girl Charters.
Use my link to save $10 at Sign-UP!

You order right from their App for Android or IOS. Keep track of your shopping lists, tip your shopper, look up receipts all right from the app!
Please call ahead to Island Girl Charters to set up for delivery to your choice of delivery landing point, Barnacles (There is a small delivery fee charged by Island Girl Charters). This service would also work for you if you were staying on Useppa Island or Cabbage Key.

The motto in our island household when it comes to our friends and families..."Come stay, and play. Mi casa e's su casa! But, you bring the groceries!" Now we don't worry at all... we just get the items shipt!!!

Granted first trips to the island could be slightly unsettling to vacationers who like to pack their pantries like it's a Nor 'easter arriving.

Our best advice is to make a menu out in advance compile a list and then bring that list with you. Doing this before you ever leave home, saves a lot of time. Grab the kids, Mom & Dad, aunties, uncles, grammies and grampas and make up a great menu for each day of your stay. Then make the shop list from the menu. It's a snap, and remember, that you can always resupply or hit the four island restaurants for a Cheeseburger in Paradise!


The Mango's Island Market located next to the North Captiva Island Club provides a small selection of last minute groceries only. A petite selection of beverages. Take out food menu is available so you can order while you're down at the pool and pick it up.




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